Salva Rincón! is a nonprofit 501c(3) community-based organization directed by Puerto Rican professionals and leaders,  supported by Rincoeños who have generational roots, by the wider Puerto Rican community, and by the very diverse community of residents of Rincón, Puerto Rico, and beyond. Salva Rincón! is not opposed to progress and development. In fact, quite the contrary. We want to foster and encourage environmentally responsible, appropriately scaled development in Rincón, adjusted to neighbor concerns.


Salva Rincón! is not against the progress of our beloved town, we only want to make sure that the developments and progress are done in a responsible manner and accordingly with our town’s essence and natural resources. The tools we use include: 

  • Legal actions
  • Review (continuous) of permits process
  • Fundraising activities
  • Gathering and analysis of information
  • Supporting grassroots efforts including the fight for public beach access, the Tres Palmas Community Path, and the Bosque la Armonía Community Forest, among others.